How to Overcome Perfection Paralysis

March 4, 2019

Are you a perfectionist? Does your need to do things "right" cause indecision, overthinking and procrastination? Perfection Paralysis is a real thing and in this podcast I share a few tricks you help you overcome it once and for all. #productivity #selfhelp #perfectionist 

How to Form New Habits - Productivity Bootcamp Part Two

February 25, 2019

Welcome to part two of our Productivity Bootcamp! Today we are talking about how to form new habits and some easy techniques to make habit forming really easy. 

Some of the techniques I cover are: 

  • Self motivation using "The Four Tendencies" by Gretchen Rubin
  • Habit Stacking
  • "The Five Second Rule" by Mel Robbins
  • Prioritize with the "Eat That Frog" technique
  • Parenting Yourself

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How to be more Productive - Productivity Bootcamp Podcast

February 20, 2019

Want to be more productive and successful? Want to know the secret to getting more done in less time? The answer is much easier than you think!

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Self Care At Christmas…Give this Gift to Yourself!

December 3, 2018

Sometimes in order to get more done, we need to relax. Sometimes in order to love being around people, we need some alone time. It's ok to take time for yourself. Self care isn't selfish, it's self love. 

How to get your life organized just by understanding your “WHY”!

October 2, 2018

Do you want a clean and organized home? Why? The answer to this question just might be the way to make it happen. 

Leveling up! How to Transform your Home & Life with ONE Simple New Routine

September 27, 2018

Leveling up is all about mastering your new, small routine and making it a habit before you add something new. Each time you master a new small habit, you "level up" and accomplish even more with the next level. 

What an Organized Home REALLY looks like!

September 6, 2018

In this podcast, I discuss what an organized home REALLY looks like! I also share some easy tips to actually make it happen! 


Are you Overthinking Organization?

August 21, 2018

In this podcast I discuss the problem with overthinking organization. Honestly, it's way easier than you think. 

I'm going to share the inspiring story of my sister-in-laws newfound journey from overthinker to organizing guru!


How to Overcome Your Inner Perfectionist

August 13, 2018

Are you struggling with perfectionism? Is your fear of failure causing you to procrastionate?  


In this podcast I talk about how to overcome your perfectionism become a happier and more productive person! 



3 Strategies for More Motivation

July 27, 2018

Here are three really simple and effective strategies for getting more motivation! Want to get more done? Wna tto overcome procrastination? These simple tips can help!