How to Blend Different Organizing Styles Together in one Home

February 27, 2018

How do you combine a Butterfly and a Cricket under one roof? Listen to this podcast and learn how to work together with many different organizing styles all living in the same home!


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Organizing Tips just for Crickets - What ClutterBug Are You?

February 7, 2018

The final podcast in our What ClutterBug Are You? series is the Cricket! I hope you enjoy.

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How to get an Automated Home

February 6, 2018

How do we achieve and automated home? How do we spend less time cleaning and maintaining our home? How do we find more time for the important things? 

You don't get bonus points for doing things the hard way. Here are some of my favourite shortcuts to housework. An automated home is a happy home. 


I’m a Ladybug - Organizing Tips and Tricks - What ClutterBug are You?

February 1, 2018

Here are some home organizing tips and tricks just for you Ladybugs! Get clean and clutter-free for 2018!

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How Happy Are you Really? The Wheel of Life Can Help You Find Out

January 26, 2018

How happy are you really? Are you focusing your time and energy on the areas of your life that really need it most? 

I found the wheel of life SO fascinating and such an eye opening experience! 2018 is my year from personal growth and development and this Whele of Life graph was on point!

Print yourself a copy and give it a try today. 


Home Organizing Tips and Solutions for Bees

January 18, 2018

What ClutterBug Are You? A Bee is really visual and prefers everyday used items to be out and easy to access. They also prefer detailes, micro-organized systems. 

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Home Organizing Tips and Solutions for Visual Organizers (Butterflies)

January 10, 2018

Organization is not one-size-fits-all. Identifying your personal organizing style (and those of your family members) can help you create an organizing system and solutions that will finally get you organized for good. 

Today's podcast is all about those visual organizers, the Butterflies. I share tips, tricks and inspirtation for evern the messiest Butterflies out there! You ARE an organized person, you just haven't found the right system yet. 

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How I Use Technology to Get More Done

January 8, 2018

I am a huge tech lover, though I am totally tech challenged. I can barely work my computer, but I can still use these cool tech devices and apps to make my life easier and get more accomplished. Isn't that what organization and technology is all about? Saving you time and making your life easier. 

So, let's stop wasting cool tech on our Facebook status and instead use it to improve the quality of our lives in a really positive and measurable way.  


How to REALLY Know Yourself - Are you a Fish is a Tree?

December 22, 2017

How well do you REALLY know yourself? In this podcast I talk about how really understanding yourself can help you acheive success in every area of your life, especially your home. 

Are you drowning in clutter? You may not be a messy person, you may just be a fish in a tree. 



How to Have a Happy and Stress-Free Christmas

December 20, 2017

Here is a quick tip that can help you enjoy a happy and stress free Christmas, without sacrificing the important stuff!